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Album review: Molly Picture Club - I'm My Own Time Machine (EP)

Album review: Molly Picture Club - I'm My Own Time Machine (EP)

(Photo by Todd Zimmer)
Molly Picture Club’s third release, I’m My Own Time Machine, answers the prayers of wallflowers around the region. Finally, dance music for non-dancers. The tracks on Time Machine are so full of rhythm and fun beats that it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet or a Ph.D in jazz hands. No matter what varying level of awkwardness that will ensue, you will dance to this album, and you will like it.
And the movement won’t take long. For example, within the first 30 seconds of “Disconnected” your toes will start to tap and, as the song progresses, the rest of your limbs will join the party. And so on and so forth with the rest of the tracks.
“Dark disco,” as the band has coined their sound, is a blend of synthesizers, afrobeats, and ‘80s/’90s punk influences. That said, unlike the typical loosey-goosey disconnectedness of disco or other dance music, Molly Picture Club’s tempo and beats almost seem mathematical. Everything they produce sounds intentional and planned; they don’t miss a beat, which is especially apparent in the fifth track on the EP, “We Live Underground.”
Molly Picture Club is one of those bands whose “sounds like” list is distinct and obvious, as their music carries clarity and transparency. And though the group’s sound parallels that of The Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, and maybe even Animal Collective, it’s as if they take the best elements and characteristics of those groups and set out to carve a unique niche for themselves.
Molly Picture Club is:
Michael Tipton: vocals, guitar
Aniko Adany: vocals, synth
Matthew Hayden: percussion

I’m My Own Time Machine was recorded at Weights & Measures Soundlab by Duane Trower and Southland Studios by Matthew Hayden. It was mixed and mastered by Trower.


Make it a point to catch this infectiously dancey synth pop group live this Sunday, September 1, at The Riot Room, as it will be their final performance. The show kicks off at 8 pm with Molly Picture Club—who will be a five-piece group for the evening—followed by GRMLN and Geographer. Molly Picture Club will joined on stage by Andy Kirk on bass and keys, and Justin Skinner on percussion and samples. Facebook event page.

--Alex Peak

Alex Peak is a magazine designer by day and a music listener by night. To her, stumbling across great new music is even better than finding a $10 bill floating around in the laundry.

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