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Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria teases new album with "Dead Eyes"

"Dead Eyes," the first single from Adia Victoria's upcoming LP Beyond the Bloodhounds is a snarling, vicious rejoinder from someone who's finally over it. Angry but jaded, modern but traditional, the track is a slight departure from the doom blues of her debut EP, but it still treads on some of the same ground. The tempo here is considerably more upbeat, but that doesn't mean the tone has followed suit. That isn't a complaint—Adia has a voice all of her own, and we're psyched to hear the rest of the album.

Steam "Dead Eyes" below and keep your eyes alive and alert for the May 13 release of Beyond the Bloodhounds. -Austin Phy


Adia Victoria Announces First US Tour

It took us a second to finally catch Adia Victoria live to form our own opinion to the name we had seen repeatedly on all matter of media. Did we maybe wish everyone was wrong just because we harbor a secret contrarian streak? Maybe, but don't tell us what you think we think. What happened at the Stone Fox earlier this fall was exactly what one would assume: she bowled us over with her live show. We were drawn in but held at arm's length with her breathy, measured drawl and tense energy as she let her songs unfold, as uncomfortable but completely natural as a muggy Tennessee afternoon. It was also the first time to hear her catalog aside from her debut single, "Stuck in the South." Now we're excited to hear that Ms. Victoria will taking her show on the road this January. There are two week's worth of dates booked for her tour, with more due to be announced. We can't wait to for the rest of the country to get this particular taste of Nashville. You can get your own lick at 3rd and Lindsley November 30th, where she performs with All Them Witches. -Terra James-Jura


Show Alert: Those Darlings, Tristen and Adia Victoria at 3rd and Lindsley 8.17

 Starting early on August 17, 6pm to be exact, there will be three great bands at 3rd and Lindsley. Tristen and Adia Victoria will be opening for Nashville fixtures Those Darlins. It’s a female-fronted night and Those Darlins' last Nashville show for a while. Adia Victoria finally, finally, finally released single "Stuck in the South" after months of buzz based off her live show alone.  Check out the track below. The show is all ages so the whole family can join. Tickets are $10 online or at the doors. -Amanda Aydelott


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