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Bentley Caldwell

Nashville Best of 2015 Readers' Poll Results! 1. Smooth Hound Smith, 2. Terrible and Damned Rivers (tied)

Fresh off the polls, the results for our Artist of the Year Readers' poll are in! We'd like to thank everyone who voted in support of their favorite artists, and a hardy congrats to everyone who made the poll this year!

1. All of our top nominees brought their A-game when it came to letting fans know about the poll, but the long arm of Smooth Hound Smith (pictured above) had the reach to snag them the top spot. This bluesy-folk duo had a busy 2015-2016 between putting out a new album, releasing a couple live videos while maintaining a demanding tour schedule, and even dropping by the Daytrotter studio to record a killer session. Now they can add winning the top spot as the Deli Nashville Artist of the Year to that list!


2/3. If anyone ever tells you that a single vote doesn't mean anything, point them right here to our TIE for second place. Terrible came out swinging with a commanding early lead, but Damned Rivers wasn't about to sit back and let the poll slide by them. Both groups put up a strong fight for the top spot in our Alt-Folk category and, listening to these groups side-by-side, we can't help but think this is a great chance to get two top-notch bands talking to each other about sharing the stage sometime. Or maybe Damned Rivers could make an appearance on that rad-ass live series Terrible has been producing. How about it, guys?


4. In fourth place is electronic dance-freakout project Night Auditor. Their live show is not to be missed, and we happen to know that they're working on funding a new album, so how about you click on over to their Bandcamp and congratulate them by picking up a tape copy of the excellent Romance EP?


5. In fifth place is the bluesy-as-all-getout Bentley Caldwell. He released a way-solid album back in 2014, which you should check out at your earliest convenience.


Again, congrats to everyone who was included! Our nominees went out of their way to promote the poll, and they certainly deserve your attention.

If you want to take a look at the results organized by genre, check them out here:

Thanks to everyone who shared and voted, and remember to keep an eye on the Deli year-round for all the freshest coverage on new music coming from Nashville!

The Folks at The Deli

Our Reader's Choice Runners-Up: Bentley Caldwell and The Dead Deads

It's time to take a closer look at the other acts that received high votes in our Reader's Choice Poll:

Second Place: Bentley Caldwell put up a good fight to win second place in our Reader's Choice Poll. The Paducah, KY native made his way to Nashville to take part in its trhiving songwriter scene. Caldwell released his first EP "A Place to Be," in 2014. Caldwell's rich vocals lend themselves to the introspective edge many of his songs take on; all at once he occupies soul, blues, and folk, and handles it with John Legend-level suavity. However, despite the grace and dignity his music carries, Caldwell has, in our hearts, totally won first place in the "Cutest F*cking Song" with "Awkward Turtle." Caldwell wil be playing the Cannery Ballroom February 26th. Listen to the whole EP and learn more about the man HERE.


Third Place: The Dead Deads rallied their fanbase, lovingly hashtagged #deadcorps, to claw their way up to third in our poll. The fivesome are considered a roving grunge dance-party, evoking the spirit of CBGB with heavy jams and unbridled sexiness. The band had a dynamic start to this year, releasing a fresh 7" single a mere week before heading out on tour with Halestorm. Check out their dynamic debut ablum "Rainbeau" at thedeaddeads.com/and watch this wicked video for "Organ P."



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