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Big Ups

Big Ups Get the Party Started

"Everytime that I sing this f*king song I won't forget..." - singer Joe Galarraga exclaims in the epic burner 'Not Over Yet.' You and me both, Joe...

Big Ups is the kind of fun I used to have with Bouncing Souls and MXPX. It's nerdcore punk the way it's meant to be experienced: as an electrically charged current of testosterone and beer bumping through over-charged speakers and car crash drum beats. Galarraga delivers a never-ending cascade against boredom and hypocrisy in songs like 'Hard to Care' and 'Shut Your Mouth.' But if all this sounds like mere throwback to an earlier era from a relatively young bro quartet, you're only half right. Big Ups can easily channel first generation hardcore like Minor Threat and Japanther when they want to, but they're equally capable of reaching the epic heights of At the Drive In when called for.

For a group exalting the glories of couch surfing on their bandcamp, Big Ups also know how to bring the energy to the party.

Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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