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bottle breakers

Album review: Bottle Breakers - Weigh Anchor EP

 I’ve said it several times in various mediums recently, but it bears repeating again. The new music I have been able to witness in the first three months of 2014 is really warming my friggin’ rock ‘n roll heart.

Loud guitars are returning. Fast, snarling distorted vocals are making a comeback. The tight assed, stolen-straight-from-disco hi-hat shuffle beat is being obliterated back to the grave by the return of huge, thunderous drums. I really think (and hope) we are on the verge of rock n roll revival of popular music.
Bottle Breakers is just another example of this. With their recent release of the Weigh Anchor EP, the new Kansas City-based trio showcases four pulverizing tracks of ass-bashing blues punk.
Demanding that you “say a prayer for lady luck and turn the god damned volume up,” “Broken Boulevard” kicks the EP off with the perfect punk rock sneer and attitude. “Sailor’s Grave” is the kind of swung punk anthem that will get a whole bar full of misfits throwing their fists and PBR cans up into the stale smoky air repeatedly with vigor. “Slam Radio” hits a bit chunkier and fiercer, with a definite sonic nod to the punk rock forefathers of NYC circa 1979. The deceptive first twenty five seconds of “Drink, Motherfucker” lead you to believe you’re going to be able to take a breath, only to slam you once again with a fierce dose of blow-your-Mohawk-back punk rock.
If their live show lives up to the energy of these four songs, Bottle Breakers are going to be an attraction not to pass up. They’ve got a few local and regional shows already on their calendar. Better make sure you grab your flask, some gauze, and be prepared to be sore for the next week or so.


Be sure to catch Bottle Breakers this weekend, especially if you haven’t seen them yet. They’ll be playing tomorrow night, April 25, at Vandals in the back of Black & Gold Tavern, with Jorge Arana Trio, Black On Black, and Nuthatch-47. Facebook event page.  
--Zach Hodson
Zach Hodson is a monster. He once stole a grilled cheese sandwich from a 4-year-old girl at her birthday party. He will only juggle if you pay him. I hear he punched Slimer right in his fat, green face. He knows the secrets to free energy, but refuses to release them until Saved by the Bell: Fortysomethings begins production. He is also in Dolls on Fire and Drew Black & Dirty Electric, as well as contributing to various other Kansas City-based music, comedy, and art projects.

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Bottle Breakers' first KC show tonight

Tonight, punk rockers Bottle Breakers will make their KC debut at Vandals (in the back room of Black & Gold Tavern) with support from Steady States and Bummer.
Bottle Breakers is a three-piece collective of St. Dallas & the Sinners’ frontman Chris Kinsley and drummer Nick Talley (also formerly of Gentleman Savage), rounded out by the low end of Mike Farren of The Big Iron. With a heavy emphasis on the massive rhythm section, ballsy punk progressions, and influences ranging from Chuck Berry to Social Distortion, an entertaining, raucous night is ahead.

Steady States recently released its latest album EEEPEETOO. Read our review on it here.
Bummer also recently released a cover of “Cars” by Gary Numan at Element Recording, and will be performing at Middle of the Map Fest in April.

The show begins at 8:00 p.m. Facebook event page. Don’t miss the debut; we hear they might have some pretty rad t-shirts for sale too. 

--Michelle Bacon


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