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Bugs and Rats

Get ready for some serious head-banging with Bugs and Rats

You may think that the Massachusetts three piece punk band Bugs and Rats is just noise. And you’re right. But it’s great noise. Their tracks usually start with an indiscernible, arhythmic introduction before settling into a more focused, but no less raucous, groove. The vocals often get buried under a tidal wave of furiously jagged electric guitar riffs and stop-and-drop drumming all presented to you in a lo-fi package (whose been crushed and kicked and torn, held together by some duct tape). Honestly, this is probably as close to punk as you can get without actually having lived in the punk era of the 70’s and 80’s. With simple, repetitive chords, a wall of noise so loud that it will knock you off your feet, and a brazen delivery oozing confidence and an attitude fit for Sid Vicious himself, you can expect one heck of a show from these guys. Keep a tab on their Facebook page for future shows.  


IN HEAT and Bugs and Rats Tour Starts Tonight in Providence

The first time I saw Boston's excellent Bugs and Rats, Nick from How They Light Cigarettes in Prison told me they sound like Nirvana. I'd never have thought of it, but In Utero is a pretty close comparison.

Providence's In Heat is screaming angry metal with enough power to make even the old people in the pit move (don't confuse them with the In Heat who have a Facebook page, though). Tour starts tonight at OE BNB in Providence, with Boston's Abominable Skimask.

Homegrown 4: Boston Hassle Fest -- Nov. 2 & 3

Boston Hassle, B.O.W. Shows, and the Boston Counter Cultural Compass  present Homegrown 4: Boston Hassle Fest bringing together over 40 Boston area favorites and nationally touring underground and experimental bands for a two day music festival collectively representing a wide swath of new music.

The Homegrown: Boston Hassle Fest has been bringing together the vast underground music scene of the United States (with an eye especially trained on the Northeast), with its numerous diverse bands and their respective fans and listeners for four years. Jamaica Plain, The Fenway, Somerville/Medford, and the South End have served as past settings.

The organizers have started a Kickstarter page to help raise funds for the 2012 festival. Click here to donate and support local music. Keep the scene thriving!

Homegrown 4: Boston Hassle Fest
The Cambridge Elks Lodge,
55 Bishop Allen Drive
Central Square
Cambridge, MA
Friday November 2nd Doors 5pm, 18+ $15
Saturday November 3rd Doors 4pm, 18+, $15

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