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Album review: Folkicide - The Genocide is Mean EP

(Photo by Leah O'Connor)

With the very first chord struck in a melancholy minor tone, you can place a safe bet of what you are getting yourself in to. The next thirteen minutes of your life will be consumed by a capivating acoustic attack on the establishment. Of course we all love occasionally raging against the machine, but the outstanding level of grace and finesse portrayed by Folkicide in The Genocide is Mean EP remains incomparable.

The 5 songs included on this EP explore the glass half-empty side of the human condition. There is an overwhelming sense of pessimism that embodies the album. The mellow, acoustic chords and simplistic drumming raise the distinct vocal sounds to a pedestal. It becomes clear that the guitar and percussion are simply there to follow the lyricswhich are the true center of attention in all 5 songs.

Bold statements like "I worship the devil," in "Black Metal" and “Power to the people, a recipe for evil,” from "Power to the People" accurately depict the EP’s tone. It seems as though Folkicide is offering up an alternate way to think about lifeperhaps in a form that is easier to swallow.

Catchy lyrical hooks find themselves anchored in the brain, almost forcing you to think of the deeper meaning. Before long, you will find yourself singing along with Folkicide, raging along side him in his journey to discover what is wrong (or right) with society.

The Genocide is Mean was recorded by Chubby Smith at his Magical Tractor Shed in Perry, Kansas. The EP was released in July. Songs performed by Folkicide on guitar/vocals, and Zach Turner on drums. Folkicide recently released a video for one of the tracks on the EP, "Unleash The Young." Watch it and read our take on it at the link here. You can see Folkicide perform on Friday, Saturday 28 at The Riot Room for Schwervon!'s CD release party with them and The Lucky.

--Steven Ervay

Steven is intern for The Deli Magazine - Kansas City and Midwest Music Foundation, and he's awesome! 

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New video: "Unleash the Young" by Folkicide

(Photo by Leah O'Connor)

Folkicide's music can strike the listener in one or all of several ways: puzzling, entertaining, chaotic, energizing, uncomfortable, thought-provoking. His song and new video for "Unleash The Young" both achieve that perfect blend of amusement, jocular discomfort and introspection that the artist seems to look for in his songwriting. He grabs the listener by the balls with an unexpected nasally register and lyrics that could make anyone blush, his attempt to deliver clever, aggressive social commentary.

The video comes from his recently released EP The Genocide Is Mean, and stars Deep Violet Brown and burlesque performer Diamond Dan. Check out the video, and see below for a streaming link to the EP.

--Michelle Bacon

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