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California X

California X: Nights in the Dark

Usually when I hear the words “Western Massachusetts”, I think of an imaginary land populated by a few hippies and raging-drunk college students. After hearing California X’s new record, Nights in the Dark, I’ll be holding Western MA in much higher regard from now on. Super-tight riffs, crunchy guitars--these guys pull off a great metal/punk sound that’s versatile enough to appeal to punks, metal-heads and laid-back rockers alike. My favorite track is "Hadley, MA," with is slow, churning riffs and Pavement-esque feel. This song captures the band’s grit, but with added hints of lo-fi pop-punk that I find really appealing.

For more info on California X (and to see a list of their upcoming 2015 tour dates), check out their Facebook page.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn)


Check out this gem from Amherst, MA: California X

Shredding is a way of life for some people. Exhibit A: the dudes that make up California X. Contrary to their chosen band name, they hail from Amherst, MA. Get blitzed with their guitar-driven rock with plenty of gang vocals and tearin it up with OD guitar solos. Their song “Sucker” goes over two minutes without vocals coming in, plenty of time to get some righteous head banging in. They call it fun-rock, I call it F-yea rock. If you dig yourself some Fang Island and Andrew WK, get this on your speakers ASAP. - Hillary Anderson

Fri. 1/18 - Somerville, MA @ PA's Lounge  w/ Dig Safe, Sneeze, No Fun RSVP
Sat. 1/19 - New Market, NH @ Fuckingham Palace   w/ Young Leaves, Betty Nico RSVP


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