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Hey boys n' girls, the results from our "Best Of 2015" Reader's Poll are in! Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who listened and voted. Here are your Top 5!

1 - Ol'CD: Deadly 4 piece garage band. Throwing in some elements of punk and surf into their rock jams. They fire on all cylinders during their live shows. Awesome pick to win it all this year. Don't miss them when they come through your town! 2 - The Cardboard Crowns: Originally from Ottawa, the Cardboard Crowns find a way to mix in almost every element of music possible. They're like all dressed chips. They do folk/alt-rock/punk/ska/etc, etc. Check out their "Global Citizen" album on bandcamp. They're heading down south later this year so jump on the bandwagon now. 3 - Sedge: Bronze medal going out to Sedge. Cool 90's vibes from these fellas. Their album "Selective Reasoning" was released in August of last year. I hear some blue album Weezer, Age of Electric and Dandy Warhols influences. 4 - Shallow Waves: Of course a band with waves in the band name would have some surf influences in their tracks. However we're not talkin Beach Boys stuff...I'm talkin dirty rock n roll that'll make you dizzy with headbanging. Crunchin guitars, Dee Dee bass rips and "f*ck you" vocals. Lookin' forward to hearing more from these guys. 5 - Fat As Fuck: Roundin' out the top 5 is an experimental psychedelic outfit called Fat As Fuck. They might not be for our basic music fan but if you like your tunes a little weird...or a lot weird then go listen to Fat As Fuck. Your ears will get a barrage of noise headin' straight to the center of your cranium. Sounds like video game music at times. Good to go! Thanks again to everyone involved in the Deli Magazine Reader's Poll. Giving you all the best Toronto has to offer! -Kris Gies


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