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Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss unveil video for 'Percolator' + leave for small tour

New York's "bubblegrunge" sensation Charly Bliss are climbing our local charts for emerging artists and will soon embark in a small New England/Upstate NY tour. Their new LP, Guppy, is a series of tightly-composed indie-pop romps that are at once lyrically gruesome and disarmingly sensitive. In addition to their impasssioned musicianship, the band's sense of humor shines brilliantly through in the video for "Ruby," an absurdist take on public access/infomercial television that will appeal to fans of Tim and Eric. Check it out below, together with their latest one for single 'Percolator'! - Ethan Ames

JP's CMJ 2014 Day3: Girl Tears, Mega Bog, Dinner, Widowspeak, Bailiff, The New Tarot, The Teen Age, Charly Bliss, Low Fat Getting High

Hey! I actually got out of my house before 2! Progress, man. I suppose I stopped drinking early enough the night before that it made for a somewhat conventional nights' sleep, odd hours. I woke up to a barrage of text messages from last night. My phone had died and I was playing catch-up on my life while trying to make it to Baby's for the Captured Tracks unofficial day party. Jesus I think this thing's starting to take a toll on me. I'm uncharacteristically writing this on the fly, on my rejuvenated telephone, trying not to fall behind. Or asleep. - keep reasing JP Basileo's report of Day 3 of the CMJ Music Marathon 2014 (picture by Micah Weisberg)

Charly Bliss releases 'Soft Serve' EP + plays Glasslands on August 16

It definitely took me a couple listens to dig behind the mess of emotions and feelings that come up within Charly Bliss' music. Eva Hendricks' high-pitched vocals might come across as a little shrill at first, but don't take long to become part of a glorious over-arcing energy of punk-ridden overdrive. But behind that there's definitely a lot more going on. Take the song "Urge to Purge" from the brand new EP 'Soft Serve,' where Hendricks shrieks: "Everyday's the same/When you get home from work I try and keep you entertained/And you know we're both so far from sane/Picking fights to let you know I'm glad you came." The song is one big "fuck you" to the mundane, the domestic, and the monotony that consumes our lives from time to time. Although the desire for more excitement is ever present in their music, which we see through blasts of overdrive and momentous climaxes, Charly Bliss' is not a band with negative energy, in fact we're feeling posy-vibes all around. See Charly Bliss live at Glasslands on August 16. - Jake Saunders


Charly Bliss release new single "Clean" + plays Muchnore on 01.12

The four piece band of indie pop-rockers and one of the newer additions to the local Indie scene known as Charly Bliss, take the raggedy but radiant vocals of Eva Grace Hendricks and combine them with the band’s inherent knack for tense power rock. Their newest single released and recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks last month titled “Clean” exemplifies this, with its stinging turns, distortion and catchy rhythm and lyrics. They are set to play Brooklyn’s Muchmore’s on 1/12 with Big Tusk and The Rotaries. Listen to the staggering single below! – Michael Haskoor (@Tweetskoor)

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


CMJ Marathon 2013 - Runners' Diary: John Day 5: Heliotropes, Harmonica Lewinskies, Slothrust, Weird Womb, Ghost Pal

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