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Danny Malone

Holy Wave shines at Mosaic Sound Collective’s Pop-up Party


As the crowd began to fill Mohawk indoors for Texas psych-rock staple Holy Wave, Mosaic Sound Collective founder Dan Redman took the stage. He spoke on the mission of the organization, the growth they’ve seen, and plans for the future. In almost opposite energy, attention was directed to a live mural painting by Kengo Hioki, aka “Yellow” from comic punk act Peelander-Z. Hioki, who performed music later in the night, screamed “I don’t know how to paint!” and began to attack a huge yellow tarp with giant pink brush strokes and blue splatter. The mural quickly became fully realized, colors dripping down and seeping into one another, and as “Yellow” yelled his adieu and focus was shifted back to the stage.


Holy Wave took their places behind their instruments and began their first tune. The 5-piece seemed to breathe the same breath, interlocked drums and bass grounded sprawling synths and woven guitars creating a thick aura of tactile motion. Many of the song’s arrangements seamlessly grew from their initial grooves into denser, more intricate resolutions. Each of the band’s singing voices were so distinct, fresh vocals and lush harmonies ebbed and flowed from track to track. A multitude of sounds criss-crossed through the audience’s ears as effects pedals and samplers were utilized to distance the group from more tiresome rock groups. Evoking Pink Floyd and Spaceman 3, these compositional choices make the band truly psychedelic. 


Towards the end of the set, center stage guitarist/keyboardist/singer Ryan Fuson told the crowd the set had been entirely new songs. With their last album Adult Fear being released early 2018, a new record seems just on the horizon.



Danny Malone releases SpeedDreamer

Danny Malone is a young singer/songwriter who is ready for his next phase. His new release SpeedDreamer sounds like it will be a low key compilation than previous endeavors of lighthearted folk-rock. A lullaby rather than a get out of bed and start the day kinda vibe that shined on his album Balloons. Where you rather just chill with headphones and a zone out to Malone’s hazy vocals. Yes, you need a soundtrack to zone out and I presume this album will be a top contender. SpeedDreamer will be released next Tuesday Nov. 18. Check out Malone's album release show at Cheer Up Charlies this Friday Nov. 14.  



Danny Malone Releases Video for "Sugarwater"

Danny Malone's newest video for “Sugarwater” is an adorably sweet addition to his already impressive repertoire. The playful doctor-shopping theme combined with skillful cinematography, dancing, and a bit of dark rebelliousness create a wonderful reflection of the music itself. With tasteful instrumentation and polished songs like "Sugarwater" and "Spiderlegs" under his belt, Danny proves to be a mature and poetic songwriter, regardless of how young he appears to be. Danny is currently touring through NYC, bringing his Iron and Wine-like lullabies to the famed Rockwood Music Hall. We look forward to having him back in Austin soon! – Written by Jodi Lang


Austin's Open Submission Results for The Deli Magazine's Year End Poll, 2013

Wow! We got almost twice as many submissions this year as we did last year. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and give bands a chance to have their music heard by critics all over the country. After tallying the votes for the Open Submissions stage of our Austin Year End Poll, it's time to release the results.

Please note that no editor was allowed to vote for bands in their own scene. The editors that voted on the Austin scene were: Q.D. Tran (Deli Philadelphia), Jordannah Elizabeth (Deli San Francisco), and Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC, Editor-In-Chief).

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll with a ranking above 6.5:

1. Criminal Birds (Indie Rock) - 7.3
2. Emily Wolfe (Songwriters) - 7.2
3. The Vliets (Psych Rock) - 7.2
4. Growl (Indie Pop/Rock) - 7
5. Hikes (Folk Pop) - 6.8
6. Danny Malone (Songwriters) - 6.8
7. Language Room (Alt Rock) - 6.6
8. Foe Destroyer (Garage Pop/Rock) - 6.6
9. Milezo (Psych Pop/Rock) - 6.6

Honorable Mentions (ranked above 6.0):

Calliope Musicals (Psych Pop/Rock) - 6.3
Lake Lady and the Mountain Man (Soul/Indie Pop) - 6.3
Paula Maya (World Music) - 6.3
Anya (Hip Hop) - 6.2

Total submissions from the Austin Scene: 43

WHAT'S NEXT: These results end the first phase of the poll. In the next few days we'll unveil the artists nominated by our local jurors (mostly venue promoters and other industry people who know the Austin scene insode out), and we'll let our readers and writers influence the poll with their vote.

Thanks to all the acts who submitted to us. Our open submissions pool was truly a celebration of the diversity and richness of Austin's talent. Keep creating, keep supporting and stay tuned for your chance to vote!

The Deli Staff

Danny Malone Released New Album "Balloons"

What does it sound like when you record a 10 track album in 10 days in a haunted Denmark castle? In three words, dark and beautiful.  Danny Malone’s album, "Balloons," will dig up some raw emotions that are embedded so deeply they might have been hidden in your toenails. Each song was recorded in a different room and much of the drum sounds are Malone stomping or shutting the piano lid, a curious tactic to stir up all that emotional grit that has settled in all of us.  The first single Spiderlegs gives a slight reference to Danny’s hometown of Austin that perhaps only locals will catch. I’m not going to name names but Malone sure will in the song.  The finale track "Wait on me" will have you pushing the loop function and journeying through the whole record again.  "Balloons" is available now at www.dannymalone.com.


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