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Das Racist releases video for "Girl"

There are many ways by which a bright young man might garner the affections of a fine young lady. In the video for “Girl” by Brooklyn darlings (and ex Deli artist of the month) DAS RACIST, the dubious method of 80s dancing and hip gyration is explored and revealed to be less effective than simply adding said lady to one’s friends list on a social networking site. If you had already crossed this flirtation from your list, you can at least brush up on your 80s dance moves, including a fine moonwalk by the lead actor. The track, produced by Blood Diamonds, would make an excellent addition to your next late night dorm room youtube dance sesh, but first you must find your elusive British Knights. -=brokeMC


Das Racist + Homeboy Sandman: “Im Up on That”.

Like baseball and hot dogs or Hulk Hogan and steroids, some things are meant for each other. Brooklyn party rappers Das Racist and alt-hopper Homeboy Sandman prove their pairing is as natural as Texas and tacos on the jovial “I’m Up on That”, a three minute romp of free associative word play over jazzy production. “So Wesley Willis, but we’ll kill it on the charts,” quips Sandman, a comparison more apt than it sounds. Like prime Ghostface “I’m Up on That” manages to channel abstract imagery into a meaningful recording that even a casual listener can appreciate. Check out the song here. - Nick Haycock

Das Racist - Homeboy Sandman


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