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Hark ye youngin's, and listen to a tale of ancient musical glory from yer fast-fading elders. Believe it or not, once there was a day when indie was primarily a genre that was less of a particular sound and more of a feeling. Really, it was just a term you used to refer to the weird, maybe rock-ish shit made by people that felt a little different and who didn’t fit into the regular music industry mold. It was weird, and it was kinda awkward and raw, and Growl is a band from Austin that is that weird, kinda awkward raw indie sound done right, and done right now. The record they put out late last December has been entrenched in my daily playlist since I first heard it, and while it's worth any Austinite's ear time, those who are into that old sound from the 90s and early 2000s will paritcularly love the Growl. They're a return to where this shit all came from, and their whole album is available for listening at their Bandcamp link right damn here. Listen, and bathe yourself in the echoes of the memories of late 90s youths.


Austin's Open Submission Results for The Deli Magazine's Year End Poll, 2013

Wow! We got almost twice as many submissions this year as we did last year. Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and give bands a chance to have their music heard by critics all over the country. After tallying the votes for the Open Submissions stage of our Austin Year End Poll, it's time to release the results.

Please note that no editor was allowed to vote for bands in their own scene. The editors that voted on the Austin scene were: Q.D. Tran (Deli Philadelphia), Jordannah Elizabeth (Deli San Francisco), and Paolo De Gregorio (Deli NYC, Editor-In-Chief).

Acts advancing to our Readers/Fans Poll with a ranking above 6.5:

1. Criminal Birds (Indie Rock) - 7.3
2. Emily Wolfe (Songwriters) - 7.2
3. The Vliets (Psych Rock) - 7.2
4. Growl (Indie Pop/Rock) - 7
5. Hikes (Folk Pop) - 6.8
6. Danny Malone (Songwriters) - 6.8
7. Language Room (Alt Rock) - 6.6
8. Foe Destroyer (Garage Pop/Rock) - 6.6
9. Milezo (Psych Pop/Rock) - 6.6

Honorable Mentions (ranked above 6.0):

Calliope Musicals (Psych Pop/Rock) - 6.3
Lake Lady and the Mountain Man (Soul/Indie Pop) - 6.3
Paula Maya (World Music) - 6.3
Anya (Hip Hop) - 6.2

Total submissions from the Austin Scene: 43

WHAT'S NEXT: These results end the first phase of the poll. In the next few days we'll unveil the artists nominated by our local jurors (mostly venue promoters and other industry people who know the Austin scene insode out), and we'll let our readers and writers influence the poll with their vote.

Thanks to all the acts who submitted to us. Our open submissions pool was truly a celebration of the diversity and richness of Austin's talent. Keep creating, keep supporting and stay tuned for your chance to vote!

The Deli Staff

West by West Campus jumps into Free Week

Heard of West By West Campus?  It's the only music festival in Austin's university district (ie., around 21st and Rio Grande streets); coming your way this February 23rd.  The venues are student housing co-operatives, and this year they plan on 6 stages, each blinging with our best local indie talent.  We'll have more details as the day draws nigh -

So somebody in their ranks figured that one day in Feb. just wasn't enough - Now they're joining the Free Week festivities by hosting their own gig tonight at The Parish.  With no less of a lineup than SuperLikeBike, Growl, The Gorgeous Hands, Bipolar Bears, and The Nouns.  

And did we mention that it's FREE?  No?  

And Hey, it's FREE!  Woot.

Seen Live: Growl

It was like any other night at the 29th Ballroom. The same somber, generally unimpressed, middle aged gingers wandered around as Horti from Whiskey Shivers and his companion made lewd gestures at the high school students. But, when they realized the high schoolers were just Bobby Jealousy in marching band costumes, Horti and his comrade became despondent. However, the commonplace feel of the night changed as the opening act began. Growl, a youthful five piece, ripped through an amazing set.

Stylistically, Growl sounded like early Kinks, but structured with the mind of an older Ray Davies. While the chords are popy, the tone and manner in which they were played gives way to a more intelligent agent at work. Speaking with guitarist Sam Houdek after the show he said that the band is immensely democratic, with each member bringing his or her ideas to the table. The comparison to The Kinks took him by surprise, as none of the members “really listens to them.” Each member comes from a completely different way of music, stated Houdek.

With such a diverse mixture of ideas, it may come as no surprise that Growl is one of the more wholly enjoyable indie groups in Austin today. -Taylor Browne


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