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Kink Ador

Kink Ador at the Basement 10.26

Self-proclaimed “strange rockers” Kink Ador have been on tour for the good part of October, racking up new fans like so many points on a pinball machine as they work towards the release of their EP this Saturday. Their fun glam rock is tight enough to bounce quarters off of it, and Sharon Koltick is the consummate frontwoman: tall, blonde, and quick to jump, shimmy or shred onstage. They deliver a brilliant live show punctuated by entertaining twists. The sight of Nordic princess Koltick bringing a trumpet to her lips for the opening of “Shape” ought to make the most jaded of music snobs smile. They take the stage at The Basement this weekend, probably with a ‘pinging’ noise still in their ears. –Terra James-Jura


The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Take Over the Press: Favorite Artists


Last night at our show featuring Milktooth, The Gills, and Vinyl Thief, Apple Road and The Deli Nashville teamed up to give you the chance to tell us your thoughts about the Nashville music scene and take over the blog for a day! With the ballots tallied, we give you... The Deli Nashville and Apple Road Present... Take Over the Press!

In our category for "Favorite Local Artist," we had an overwhelming number of fans vote for Vinyl Thief, The Gills, and Milktooth, which is both expected and deserved. (Shout out to The JAG, who also had an solid turnout!) But the full list is impressive and spot-on, so check out which favorites are hitting radars throughout the local music scene:

The Gills
Vinyl Thief
The Future
Billy Swayze
Vanessa Barbee
Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes
The Features
Peter Terry & the City Profits
Justin Kalk Orchestra
Natural Blonde
Johnny Velvet & the Scares
*repeat repeat
Kink Ador
The Young International


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