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A NYC band you shouldn't forget about: Lips

We missed to highlight Lips' new EP "Ghosts and Demons," dated December 2013, even though the artist got some exposure from us for making it in our latest Year End Best of NYC Poll for Emerging Artists. The brainchild of New Zealand native Stephanie Brown, Lips plays edgy, keyboard driven synth-pop of the non-breezy/summery variety. The signature tension and "noir" elements in her tracks are always counterbalanced by melodies that are memorable and sophisticated. Opening single and EP title track "Ghost Demons" is a suspenceful number where stomping distorted drums and a simple (but cool) synth arrangement are carried by the vocals towards a chorus where Stephanie's voice is left alone, singing about loneliness. Fans of Bjork and Lykke Li will find something very interesting here, and not just because of the cute foreign accent.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best NYC songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


B.E.A.F at Spike Hill: Electro night with Manicanparty, Cultfever, Clementine & the Galaxy, Kiss Slash Crooked Smile, Lips and more.

After two folky bills on Wednesday and Thursday, Spike Hill will host a decidedly electronic, almost entirely lady fronted show on Friday June 07, featuring a lot of bands we are looking forward to seeing in a live setting.

Headlining the night at 12.30 will be Manicanparty (pictured) - a band that has built a meaningful buzz without even having an official EP or LP out - with their angelic electro-pop contaminated by tribal and exotic influences. Right before them at 11.40, Cultfever will enterntain us once again (we booked them a bunch of times!) with their upbeat indie-pop that blends synths, guitars and samples. The third headliner of the night, Clementine & The Galaxy, quite appropriately features a more sci-fi, but still very melodic sound, and Julie Hardy's angelic voice. Stephanie Brown's brainchild Lips will hit the stage at 10, and fill the room with their loungy and melancholic - but not necessarily slow - electronic tunes. We can't wait to see mainstay of the NYC scene Yula Beeri's new electro project Kiss Slash Crooked Smile - the lady can sing and has a lot of presence, you may remember her in Nanuchka and Star Fucking Hipsterz. KNTRL - on the other hand - cannot count on a talented front lady because... they are two dudes - the only dude fronted band of the night as a matter of fact! They are the rocker act on the bill though, which is a great thing to be if you ask us - stick around for them until 1.15am - it's a Friday night! Mystery band S&M (you don't want to miss them) and talented rapper Melissa Czarnik will kick off the night at 7.30 and 8.20 respectively.

Lips to release new EP 'Look, Listen'

The land that gave us Gotye and Kimbra has now unleashed up-and-comer pop crooner Lips. From Auckland, New Zealand to Brooklyn, NY, singer/songwriter Steph Brown knows how to take a slick, sexy groove and work her voice through sometimes failed, and more times unrequited, relationships. Through a candy-coated alto not unlike Imogen Heap or Frou Frou, there’s a superficial cutesiness you’ll get fooled by, until you start really listening closely. New single ‘We Don’t Have Much Time’ sounds fun enough, but there’s an abiding sadness here as Brown deals with an infatuated love doomed to end. But then, these New Zealanders seem to have a way of dancing off any pain. Look for Lips new EP ‘Look, Listen’ available October 25. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)


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