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New Track: "Microwave" - Mumblr

The Never Ending Get Down, the sophomore LP from Mumblr, is scheduled for release on June 10 via Fleeting Youth. Its first single, “Microwave,” has an isolated-kitchen bareness, initiated by a fraying guitar riff meeting a booming catchy vibe reminiscent of Weezer. You'll find the quartet performing this Saturday, April 30 at Ortlieb’s, along with Museyroom and Pine Barons. 


OhBree Berning Down the House at Lavender Town March 11

This evening at Lavender Town, a smattering of Philly acts, who have all been feeling the Bern, are converging for a night of music, with all funds going to the Bernie Sanders campaign. Tonight is highlighted by OhBree, who will also be celebrating the release of their new EP Feed Me Poison (which you can now stream HERE). The quirk-pop orchestrations that Oh Bree have been not-so-quietly-crafting come to a zany, precise, and satisfying head on their latest album. Similar to Philly’s Man Man, the eccentric and lighthearted music is often a sugar coating for the more sinister stories below. The band plays around with what sounds like every noise-making object that they can find in the studio, but the innovative songwriting by Andrew Scott grounds every tune, allowing their playfulness to be highlighted without distracting too much from the music. Also playing tonight are Mumblr, who just had a fundraiser of their own for a new van last week at Lavender Town. I haven’t heard anything about a sweet new ride yet so don’t be shy about passing some cash their way as well. The bill is filled out by Howlish, Fidel SUN, Dead and Birthday Ponies. There is also Day 2 happening on Saturday at Girard Hall. Show your support, and get some serious Bern for your buck! Lavender Town, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 6pm, $10, All Ages (Photo by Emily Dubin) - Adam G.

New Music Video: "Super!" - Mumblr

Mumblr will be giving their support at Lavender Town this Friday March 11, as part of a two-day Bernie Sanders Benefit: Berning Man. This video for “Super!”, found on their EP Super! Premium! Deluxe!, captures your attention as a shadowy silhouette crashes and crawls along the evolving color-box backdrop. This shape shifting is paired with running script that questions how one’s current state affects the future. This perplexing/tormenting state of affairs may resonate for a bit.


Mumblr Van Fundraiser Show at Lavender Town March 5

In preparation for a summer of touring, Mumblr is headlining a show this evening at Lavender Town to raise funds for a new van. The band reels you in tight with their fragile table-setting revelations serving as potential energy that is converted into an fuzzed-out, raucous-stomping outpouring. The earnestly melodic sound of Clique does just that, offering snippets of personal/relatable songs that move with a sense of ease while lingering. Fresh off releasing their debut EP Mercy and before heading out on tour, the unadulterated, cathartic, harmonious yet lyrically haunting vibes of Fake Boyfriend persist, while the soothing eclectic haze of The City & I completes the billing. Lavender Town (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 8pm, $7 Donation, All Ages - Michael Colavita

Mumblr Opening for Car Seat Headrest at JB's Dec.6

If Philadelphia had a band mascot, it would be Mumblr. Their brand of feel-good power-pop anthems are plenty spunky and spirited enough to get all the kids enlivened. The lyrics are the centerpiece of each peppy jam and showcase not only lead singer Nick Morrison’s beautiful, polished, and precise Rivers Cuomo cadence (this dude’s definitely had voice lessons or something), but also the band’s sarcastic yet revealing, lighthearted yet tragic sense of humor. The rest of the band matches the dynamic range of the lilting vocals as they move through soft then loud, jagged then steady progressions and rhythms. With a seemingly bottomless reservoir of stamina and imagination, Mumblr will rock your socks but also amuse you in your thinking organ; and they will prove it tonight at Johnny Brenda’s where they'ill be opening for Car Seat Headrest, the brainchild of Will Toledo, who’s been making big internet blogging headlines recently. For good reason too, as Will’s been at it for over 5 years now refining his sound and sense of self into something that superficially resembles Guided By Voices with more synthesized textures and a wry and introspective overtone. Johnny Brenda's, 1201 N Frankford Ave, 8pm, $10, 21+ - Bryce Woodcock


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