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The We Shared Milk

Fisherman's Village Music Festival: May 16-17 in Everett, WA

Lying within 25 miles of Seattle, the resurgence of a music scene is inevitable, though building any community is a slow process. Led by the Everett Music Initiative, the Fisherman's Village Music Festival is finally bringing recognition to Everett, Washington as being part of the thriving music culture in the region. The event features an intriguing lineup over the course of two days, Friday May 16th through Saturday May 17th. Performances will be at four venues: the Historic Everett Theatre, an outdoor theater called the Shipyard, the Cannery and the Bait shop at Kroakers. The bands listed cover all genres, providing a one size fits all for sound preference while maintaining an authentic Pacific Northwest flair. General admission for the weekend is under $70 and well worth the investment. 

Portland has etched its way into the event's lineup including pop favorites Radiation City, Wild Ones, Pure Bathing Culture and Aan, who are spread out through both days to allow for minimal conflicting performance times. Heavier jamming from The We Shared Milk, Animal Eyes and Hobosexual are showcased at appropriate hours early enough in the day to provide energy for explorations through the charming city. Experimental and always mind-expanding Nurses rarely perform in the rose city, so missing their performance at the outdoor theatre is not an option. 
There is an overwhelming amount of fine acts from the Seattle area as well. Don't miss La Luz, who is known to incite amusing dance moves amongst their audiences. Be swooned by three part vocal harmonies of Everett locals the Moondoggies. Psych rockers Night Beats are destined to become your new favorite. Looking for more electronic waves? Vox Mod is there for you.
For this being the first year for the Everett Music Initiative to put on the Fisherman's Village Music Fest, there is no doubt they are doing something right. This festival will be one to either constantly remind you of how lucky it is to reside in the Pacific Northwest, or persuade you towards relocation if you're only visiting. 
- Colette Pomerleau

Maps & Atlases // And And And // The We Shared Milk // 3.4.14

Pardon the shameless self-promotion but on Tuesday March 4, my very own band The We Shared Milk will share the stage at the Doug Fir Lounge with local drunken-power-pop favorites And And And, and Chicago’s experimental-math-popsters Maps & Atlases who will have a new album out April 17th. The show is part of a Red Bull sponsored concert series, Sound Select Presents: Portland, and the night's lineup was curated by one of indy rock's finest acts and certainly one of he biggest bands to come out of Portland, Portugal. The Man

RSVP here for get into the show for $3. Doors at 8pm, but arrive early as the space will likely fill up quickly. – Travis Leipzig

Party Boyz Present: December to Forget

This Saturday night your favorite local podcasters, Party Boyz (also known as Elizabeth Elder and Rachel Milbauer), are living up to their name by throwing a warehouse party with a music lineup that will make your head spin. Old Light will be bringing their vivid brand of garage-infused psychedelia, Hustle and Drone will throw down their addictive beats and The We Shared Milk will bring the hazy indie-rock energy that’s garnered them some well-deserved attention in 2013. But wait, there’s more! Super secret guests, late night DJs, delicious food carts and to top it all off this party’s for charity. Bring a food or toy donation for a few dollars off admission and live it up knowing you gave a little bit back to your community. The festivities are being held at Manifest Station (2020 SE Bush ) and doors open at 8pm. Also, wear a Christmas sweater. - Benjamin Toledo

The We Shared Milk Have a New Album. It's Heavy.

The We Shared Milk are said to be a little eclectic. They have a solid foundation of rock, but also a lilt and experimental accents. New album, Lame Sunset, expresses heavy, infirmed themes and weighty bass among tapping cymbals. Many songs, like the title track, fluctuate with an echoing guitar that finishes in accelerated swirling melodies. Boone Howard's voice breaks in and out of clear skies and overcast distortion, incidentally sounding more 70's than the Caleb Followil nature of previous album History of Voyager and Legend Tripper. "Joe" speaks of pulling away in isolation, and almost sounds as if it might break into The 'Stones "Time is on Your Side". "Feeling Sick" is surprisingly uptempo. "Could This Be Real" is a little twisted, sometimes scraping and hoarse with huge drums pounding. The depression is cathartic, with the work as a whole seeking a kind of redemption from daily miseries in pretty, watery, ruminations.

We feel ya, guys. We feel ya.

Lame Sunset is available for a paywhat you want download and TWSM play their next venue show with A Happy Death and Boing at Kelly's Olympian on 4/27.  - Brandy Crowe


Mt. Tabor Theater Celebrates the Armageddon 12.21

That’s right folks, the apocalypse is upon us. This weekend we can expect everything from massive earthquakes and nuclear explosions to reptilian aliens returning to earth to enslave the human race… can you think of a better reason to party? Friday night at Mt. Tabor Theater you can dance away those Armageddon blues with some of the finest local acts Portland has to offer, featuring the hazy garage rock of The We Shared Milk, the electrifying power rock of The Autonomics, the manic psychedelia of A Happy Death and the sludgy rock noir of Lydian Gray. Once you’ve stocked up on bottled water and canned food, get down to Hawthorne to rock out like there’s no tomorrow (because there might not be). - Benjamin Toledo


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