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y la bamba

Y La Bamba Host Remix Contest

Portland likes its folk twists and everyone loves a little fire. Ergo, things are looking up for Y La Bamba. Associating with producer Steve Berlin to release their second full-length album 'Court The Storm', the band revealed in March a new side to their latin-folk sound, one warmer and more confident which quickly caught the attention of the music press.

As we speak, Y La Bamba are a couple of weeks into a US tour that will stretch until the end of October; and as they're a cool bunch, they invited us all to get involved in the music-making fun. Until August 1st, they are hosting a remix contest which gives anyone with a computer the chance to be creative, structure from the 13 isolated parts their own version of Bendito (second track of the album, featured on the latest PDX Pop Now! compilation) and perhaps win some sweet prizes including free tickets and signed limited edition vinyls of 'Court The Storm'. With two weeks left, time to get mixing! Y La Bamba will also be playing alongside Pure Bathing Culture at Dayton's Sokol Blossom Winery Summer BBQ on July 21st. Ribs, wine tasting, live music... what more can you ask for? - Tracy Mamoun


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