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Indie Rock

Paperhaus plays DC Nine on 7.13

Paperhaus’ “Silent Speaking” (streaming below) beckons you in unabashedly with chaotic rumblings resembling a stampede of cymbals, hi-hats, batucada-esque drumming, and jittery bursts of guitars. The arrhythmic clamor works at once both with and against one another before evening out and transforming into a high energy tune of angular riffs and melodic shifts. The Virginia based band, whose previous work gives a hearty nod towards psychedelic blues with hints of math rock, finds itself leaning ever further into the angular soundscapes of the latter with its most recent single. However, the fervent energy that made their self-titled debut so dynamically spectacular remains ever more present in their sound. If this single is any indication of what we should expect from Paperhaus in the future then color me intrigued. Definitely keeping an eye out for them! Catch Paperhaus on July 13 at DC Nine. - Adriana S. Ballester


The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Grayling

Lexi Campion first emerged on the Philly music scene as part of math-y indie-rock outfit Edelweiss. She has since moved on to her own project, writing and releasing songs under the moniker Grayling. Campion shared her debut EP Everything That Burns, via NDE Records, earlier this year, grabbing our attention with its emotively powerful vocals and compositions, which surely helped to lead her to victory in our Featured Artist(s) Poll. Check out our recent interview with the burgeoning artist HERE!

New Track: "Edible Complex" - Ghost Gum

After releasing an impressive demo in 2014 and being part of a 4-way split release last year with Mumblr, Loose Tooth, and Clique, Ghost Gum is back with a joyous new track called "Edible Complex". It's the first single off their upcoming debut record, The Past, The Future, Dwelling There Like Space, which is due out later this year. The album was recorded at Headroom and Big Mamas Studios with ex-Dangerous Ponies Kyle Pulley, Evan Bernard, and Chris Baglivo.

Logan Lynn releases single for Orlando victims

 The recent tragedy that happened at Orlando's Pulse nightclub have obviously stunned the nation but more specifically, the LGBTQI community as the center of the attack. While many of us remain mournful and full of sorrow, some took to their respective creative outlets to express their feelings. Local Logan Lynn falls into that latter category.

He released his track for "Go There When You Want To Be Loved" just two days after the June 12th massacre, with a heartfelt statement on the track's Bandcamp page.

"I feel sick and afraid. I want to cancel all of my upcoming public appearances and find a closet to go back inside of. But I cannot. And I will not. I will not be made quiet by fear. I will not let American apathy dictate my path. And I will never stop hoping that change will come," Logan wrote.

"I wrote this song “Go There When You Want To Be Loved” about my own feeling that there is no safe place for me in the world at times as a gay man, as a person living with persistent mental health struggles, and as a public person known for both. These lyrics feel like the only words I can find for how I am feeling, so I am releasing it now as a fundraiser for my queer family in Orlando."

Logan's sentiments aren't outcast, as many relate and are looking for this opportunity as a much needed chance to band together and support one another. With vigils happening across the world and very inclusive, grandiose ones happening on Portland's front, that support is extensive.

All proceeds from Logans track are going towards the recovery of the LGBTQI community in Orlando. We're coming out of Pride Week, but don't let that stop the feeling. Listen to it, share it, do what you can. The community needs it.


Buzz Alert! Pingrove kicks off US tour in Montclair on 06.24

Pinegrove, who recently moved from Brooklyn to Montclair, NJ, is one of those rare bands that make things happen by perseverance and self development, which - in today's music industry - requires monstrous levels of discipline and faith. The group has been releasing a bunch of records since their 2010 'Mixtape One' debut. Their latest, entitled 'Cardinal,' is one of their best. The eight track mini-album blends element of American traditional music and indie rock (think Modest Mouse at their peak, but with more nostalgic and rootsy tendencies). Although electric guitars are still dominant, banjo and pedal steel sneakily insert themselves in some of the tracks (like streaming single 'Old Friends'), adding texture and evoking the rustic warmth of Americana. The band is about to experience a summer on the road, with over thirty dates booked touring with Sports (Ohio), Half Waif (NYC) and Ratboys (Chicago). Their kick off party was canceled because of Palisades' (hopefully temporary) closing, but the band decided to do something anyway at 73 See Gallery in Montclair - here's the Facebook Event page. They'll be back at Market Hotel on August 6.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best rootsy songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


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