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Sad Brad Smith

Today marks the release of the debut album from Sad Brad Smith, Love Is Not What You Need. This lonely and heartbroken troubadour may have a his tongue slightly planted in his cheek, but his music pure and genuine. Whether sincere or in jest these tracks are well-constructed capture a mood of the helpless romantic and takes it to the extreme.

Take the track "Everyone Knows That I'm Still In Love With You". It is a simple premise, but in the hands of Sad Brad Smith it becomes a near comical adventure. "I told a dirty joke, the room stay quiet." It's nearly nonsense, but still beautiful. Although this is an independent release SBS has managed to get his track "Help Yourself" on the "Up In The Air" soundtrack. He has that near universal appeal while keeping the audience at bay with his mixture of humor, heartache, and romance.  


Gold Motel

Gold Motel has released a new 7inch single called "Talking Fiction". The single includes two tracks, Side A track 'Cold Shoulders' and Side B track "Slow Emergency', and a digital download.


From our Open Blog: Michael Lux and The Bad Sons

Hollus guitarist/songwriter Michael Lux has released a brand new solo EP, free to the public out of the kindness dwelling deep in the bottom of his heart. The EP, titled "Neat Repeater" features 5 garage/surf/punk anthems that suggest a deep seeded love affair between Jam-era Paul Weller, The Replacements, and an "in-the-red" mixing trigger finger. Live Bad Sons shows are expected to come next year. Until then, you can download "Neat Repeater" at thebadsons.com, or catch his band Hollus at Subterranean on December 16th.


Darling's Broken Wing

Darling recently released a new video for their track "Broken Wing" which appeared on their latest album Lights That Last Forever.


Moneypenny Destroy

The dynamic duo known as Moneypenny has released a new free remix package for their track "Destroy". The package includes remixes from Midnight Conspiracy, Bright Lights and an edit of the track by Moneypenny themselves. You can download it here (in exchange for an email address) via Loose Change.

They duo is also hitting the road this weekend in support of Hey Champ and playing shows in San Francisco, LA, and Austin.


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