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Kid Savant

It’s an addictive formula, tight electro synths, big beats, and smooth vocals, but it’s not that easy to achieve. That is unless you are a savant, Kid Savant that is. Kid Savant consists of Ryan Weisberger, John Sullivan, Kevin Pariso, and Andrew Wendahl. Last year the band released their second ep called Second Servings, and already have begun to put up new tracks on their myspace page. Their sound is densely layered, highly electronic, and heavily danceable. Keep and eye out for this up and coming band.


AM Taxi The Mistake

AM Taxi will make their debut on Virgin Records this summer, but we have a sneak peak at the shiny punk-pop that just might make them famous. The album promises to hold a wide range of style containing sounds resembling everything from The Hold Steady and The Replacements to Wilco and Sam Cooke. However, that remains to be seen because this first single, “The Mistake (available for download here), is highly polished and filled with pop. The album is called We Don’t Stand A Chance and will be released right before the band jumps on the Warped Tour, starting June 24 through August 15.


A Winter Block Party

If there was one dominate form of music in Chicago it would have to be Hip Hop. There are so many different forms and characters and even superstars, but Kevin Coval may see the scene a little differently than others. He is hosting Chicago Public Radio’s Winter Block Party for Hip Hop Arts. This special event will be an exhibition of style, mash-ups, collage, and conversation, demonstrating with living/breathing examples of how hip-hop has manifested throughout these fields and why cultural vanguards are pushing us all forward. Those in attendance will see hip hop not through bling, pro nails, and spinning rims, but through Dance, Visual Art, Literature, Political Organizing, Journalism, and more. An all day event combing the various elements of hip hop is sure to be an enlightening event for even the biggest hip hop fans.

It all takes places at Victory Gardens Biograph Theater on Sunday January 17th, and you can find more information at Chicago Public Radio website.


Last Minute Plans: The Fizzy Pops

Are you looking for some catchy basement fuzz-pop? Do you know where Frankfort, IL is? The Fizzy Pops are the latest addition to the poorly named Throw Up Records. The show tonight at The Lighthouse is to celebrate the release their self-titled full-length album. The 15-track collection is only $6 and is a little rough around the edges, but solid at its core. With tracks clocking in at under two-minutes more often than not, The Fizzy Pops make listening fun with their rapid-fire approach.

The show tonight starts at 6:00pm at The Lighthouse (9506 Manhattan-Monee Rd., Frankfort, IL ).


New Welcome To Ashley Video

"Nothing But Grey Skies Ahead" appears on Welcome To Ashley’s EP Absent Man. They are playing a free show at Double Door tonight (Jan. 14th).


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