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Fake Fictions Final EP

Fake Fictions played their final show on November 20th, and then went into the studio to record their final four tracks. You can see why the arrival this their final ep, Magic Infinity, is bittersweet. Recorded at Glamour Studios Logan Square with Gerard Barreto and Seth Vanek, these four tracks further exemplify the cleaner sound the band had been perfecting. These tracks guide the band even further into realm of ‘70’s rock and way from the surf-basement pop they had been playing a few years back. However, it is very much present in a track like “(Step Into The) Brite Lite”. This is a wonderfully farewell from a band that has always been drastically underrated.

You can download Magic Infinity for free through the Fake Fiction’s website.


Last Minute Plans: The Cathy Santonies @ Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap

Punk Rock is so much more enjoyable when four beautiful women deliver it. Riot grrrl perfected, The Cathy Santonies are just one example of a scene that is about to come into the spotlight. Mojo Santoni, Jane Danger, Radio Santoni, and Kaylee Preston these girls have the energy and fire to masterfully pull of the fast paced sound.

The Cathy Santonies will be playing tonight (Feb. 15th) at Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap and at Liars Club on March 5th.


Yea Big & Kid Static on Daytrotter

Recorded awhile back, the Daytrotter session with Yea Big & Kid Static has finally been posted. The energetic duo recorded three tracks during the session, the Mae-shi version of “Run To The Facts”, “Middle America” from The Future’s Looking Grim, their classic closing song, a cover of “Thank You for Being a Friend” (Golden Girl’s Theme). It’s an interesting selection of tracks. “Middle America” is a great song, but not the most well known track from the latest album, and there hilarious closing track is entertaining, but not really representative of the work in general. Regardless, I am glad to see Yea Big & Kid Static finally getting some buzz and on a larger scale.


Stranger In The Alps

Soft Speaker has a new ep coming out this month. The ep, Stranger in the Alps features five new songs and you can now stream two of the tracks,”Marble Mask” and “Tennyson Tea” here.

Soft Speaker will be celebrating the release of ep on February 26th at Darkroom with Yukon Blonde and Moxie Motive.


Linear Views

Like a tortured replica of Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Syllable Section present a warped and damaged brand of pop. Their debut album, Linear Views, sounds like a demonic, drug induced, ‘60’s pop binge played in reverse, or perhaps a traditional pop tune cut-up, taped back together, and then looped. What ever it is, this psychedelic mess, the listener is taken on a journey that changes them and they are never really the same.

Vocalist Mathew Marquardt makes Kevin Barnes look sane as he places his falsetto whine on tracks about “Normalcy”, loneliness, mood changes, and other craziness. You will feel like you have heard pieces of this before, but never be able to zero in on melody or rhythm. There is beauty in these tracks, but it is being repeatedly strangled to death. The Syllable Section is both traumatic and enjoyable.


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