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Aloud homecoming show with Oranjuly, This Blue Heaven and One Happy Island – Saturday, January 29, 2011 – Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA


Aloud bring their Exile tour around for a home-town show Saturday at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. This Blue Heaven, Oranjuly, and One Happy Island, for whom the show is also a CD Release Party, are slated to open. After a grueling US tour, filled with ups and downs and sprained ankles, the Aloud gang are looking forward to rocking the home-town crowd before hitting the road again for parts unknown. The Lizard Lounge show is their only Boston-area gig scheduled for the coming months so catch them while you can.

If you happen to be hitting the road, check out Aloud on tour:

Sat, 02/19/11 The M Room Philadelphia, PA

Tue, 02/22/11 Double Door Chicago, IL

Wed, 02/23/11 Off Broadway St. Louis, MO

Thu, 02/24/11 Lindberg’s Springfield, MO

Fri, 02/25/11 Coffee House Hays, KS

Sat, 02/26/11 Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

Mon, 02/28/11 Bar Deluxe Salt Lake City, UT

Tues, 03/08/11 San Diego State University San Diego

-George Dow

Invictus Picks -- Left Hand Does -- Guitar


The first time I saw Left Hand Does perform was in a living room in Allston. I was just getting into Jean Sullivan's bass lines for "Spendle" when the cops came. Legend has it the officer was tapping his foot and said "Good stuff," before shutting it down. Such is life when you do it DIY. Since then I've seen LHD play dozens of times and I'll be the first to admit they are one of my favorite Boston bands. Not just because frontman Luke Sullivan and I share the same tastes for early 80's rock bands like The Cars and Golden Earring (which samples of "Cut" are on this track) and not only because this band is so easy going they will hop on a last minute slot to save my ass when a band has to cancel or at least suggest another awesome band, for instance, Streight Angular. But because they write great songs!

left hand does

So, here is a track off the Lusica EP called "Guitar". This song caught my attention at yet another DIY show in Allston. The lyrics "I want you so bad, feels good to say that" resonated with me. Ever been lovesick? Ever just wanted to tell the object of your affection, straight up that theyre torturing you because all you want to do is "touch their face" and "thread their hand"? Well here's the song with more lines like "I secretly want you to worship me, so secretly" Sigh. Been there, but such is life.

Guitar - Left Hand Does by Desert Race Boston

-- Danielle Freudenthal


A note about The Deli's Year End Emerging Artists 2010 Polls

If you are wondering what all these lists about our Year End Emerging Artists 2010 Polls are, you may want to check out our Polls' introductory page here and/or the Open Submissions Results here.

The Deli's Staff

Gem Club, Humble Tripe, Jakob Battick and Friends & Slant of Light - 1/23 - Precinct

gem club

I'm really excited about this show on Sunday. This is the whole point of the Deli -- New England to introduce you to bands and sounds you haven't heard yet from your area and other parts of the country. The show is early on a Sunday, doors at 7:30 and first band on at 8pm. Look forward to seeing you. 

Gem Club -- 11pm

Beautiful and trippy, I fell in love with their new EP Acid and Everything.

Humble Tripe --10pm

Humble Tripe is an acoustic 2-3 piece led by folk singer and songwriter Shawn Luby. Shawn's based in Durham, NC but one of his bandmates lives in Boston.  

Jakob Battick and Friends --9pm 

Jakob Battick & Friends won last month's Deli band of the month, and for very good reason. The young artist along with his rotating cast of musicians are sonically pushing things in their hometown of Portland in the most delicately powerful way possible. Jakob mixes folk and atmospheric elements ...but brings a unique and more diverse edge to the stage that carves their sound out to stand wholly on it's own.' -Will Ryan

Slant of Light -- 8pm

Slant Of Light is a newer Boston-based Americana band. 

-- Meghan Chiampa


Interview with Michael Bernier

The Deli is proud to present this in-depth interview with Michael Bernier of Michael Bernier of the UPRISING. Bernier was one of last years winners in the Best of New England Emerging Artists 2009 Poll and is also a contender this year. 


Though a native of the Boston area, Michael Bernier would prefer to consider himself a citizen of the world; content to tramp the Earth in search of peace and enlightenment, and expressing those sensibilities through his music. Michael took some time out before embarking on his solo acoustic winter tour to talk about his music, personal philosophies, and his bandmates in The UPRISING.

Deli: In a band setting that brings vastly different musical tastes, I wondered aloud how those differing tastes find their way into the music of The UPRISING.

MB: There is definitely a great variation of musical tastes in within The UPRISING....each member is perhaps drawn towards a specific genre as far as their playing style or writings. I am deep into Reggae and Singer/Songwriter stuff, RyBomb (Michael’s brother and bassist, Ryan Bernier) is into Jazz and Jam, Katie (saxophonist, Kate Berlent) is into Jazz and Acoustic Rock, F (drummer, Mark F) is into Metal and Grunge, Moore (guitarist, Mikey Moore) is into Classic Rock and Motown.

I would say that overall everyone tunes into music that they think is good and real...regardless of genre...the music that makes you feel that emotion you need...the song that takes you away and makes you forget that you are still driving in that smelly van.

Read the whole interview by George Dow HERE


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