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Best of '09 Poll Update: Hold tight!

As you already know, The Deli runs in several major cities across the country, and when the Best Of poll comes around, this means mega, mega, mega traffic. While we love the attention (we really do) this often goes hand-in-hand with severe congestion and traffic outages which result in delays and balding. So just hold tight, Angelenos -- we'll let the rest of our sister sites go ahead of us until it's our turn. If there's anything we know how to do, it's wait in traffic, amiright!? In the meantime, keep checking in for regular posting. Rock!


Who are Cyan Ides? No, seriously.

Cyan Ides | "Hesperian Gardens"
Dir. by Joshua McClain

Ambient-electronic duo Cyan Ides don't have much to say about themselves. Their bio starts and simply ends with, "Cyan Ides are Frances Allen and Kevin Polzer." With that, we leave you with this excellent video mash-up of vintage B-film clips to the tune of their single "Hesperian Gardens" from their latest EP Sedi Nayc, available now. Before more news comes out from the ambiguous outfit, we'll have to wait around until they show themselves.


Residency Alert: Year Long Disaster raid Spaceland every Monday in January

Behind the veil of pretense and the parade of plug-ins, software and pedals used in modern music, most musicians often forget that rock in its most basic trio form can be just as thrilling and, well, good. Enter rock group Year Long Disaster: there's not exactly anything new to their brand of high octave-lead rock reminiscent of, say, your favorite Guitar Hero tracks, but they do it really, really, really fucking well. It's not every day our breath is taken away by the exaggerated hugeness of a group, so only imagination can muster up what Year Long Disaster are like live. With a 2009 that included an opening slot with the Foo Fighters and a commissioned video by the guys at Aqua Teen Hunger Force, heads are turning for a reason, and, as of right now, so are ours.


Major Tour Alert: Magical Properties Tour showcases finest of LA electronic acts

This is huge. For the first time Daedelus, Nosaj Thing and Jogger will be hitting the road for a tour showcasing some of the finest in LA's electronic scene. We've been witness to this trio of artists at FMLY events, downtown throwdowns and local festivals along the way, but this feels more like a celebration and tribute to this very moment in time as opposed to a contractually obligated commitment. And considering the multi-sensory overload typical of any of these three artists sets, we'll be sure to check out the second stop at the Echoplex on Feb. 5.

For your downloading/tour preview pleasure (courtesy of the fine people at Terrorbird Media):

Nosaj Thing -- "Islands (The XX Remix)
Jogger -- "Napping Captain" (Dark Party Remix)


Alt-pop Marianne Keith sugar coated goodness might just see its light soon

Marianne Keith | "Kiss Me In The Rain"

As sugar coated as Marianne Keith's music is, the alt-pop singer/songwriter's crossover status is worth mentioning: in one piece, Keith teeters on Sheryl Crow and Michelle Branch territory, while the next she's biting and attacking as hard as Liz Phair and, one of her major influences, blues extraordinaire Susan Tedeschi. Most Top 40 kids are often one-trick ponies, but Keith's capable of testing the waters until the right crowd comes around. That time might be soon with Keith's latest LP Cathartic (Unison Music), available now.


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