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Weekly Feature #201a: The Defibulators - liva at Jalopy on May 8.

A rag-tag witches brew of rowdy ramblers, five-time offenders, and filthy fiddlers, The Defibulators don’t shy from putting it all on the line. While greased-up pop sensations and corporate crooners spill out of Nashville by the dozens, this Brooklyn band mines the classics—Scruggs, Cash, Williams, Acuff and Wynette—and irresponsibly mixes them with jet fuel from the future. The resulting cocktail should be banned in fifty states because it’s high in proof that the thunderclap of rebellion and righteousness is alive and well. This isn’t weird science—this is true country music. And it goes by the name of The Defibulators. - Read Chris Nelson's interview with the band here.


Dreams and Bones

A behind the scenes look at the new album from Model Stranger, Dreams & Bones. The band will be celebrating the release of the album on April 24th at Cubby Bear with Verona Red, Cavalry, The Flavor Savers, and 20 Mark Helga. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are $10.


The Cush New Vid + The Vigilant Ones

We're in the middle of a fierce argument with Burlington over whether they're a Texas band or a Vermont band; meanwhile, undistracted and undeterred, The Cush released this vid, their new album (Between the Leaves), and this single ("The Vigilant Ones")


Album Review: Brent DeBoer's "The Farmer"


There's a unique sort of interest that piques when a drummer steps out from behind the kit to showcase their songwriting talents. It seems entirely possible that every drummer might be bound for Josh Freese status and the misery known as The Notorious One Man Orgy. But Brent DeBoer, keeper of tempo for the Dandy Warhols, has officially shed percussive skin and stepped into a new beam of light with the release of his first solo effort, The Farmer.

With just eight tracks totaling 22 minutes in length, DeBoer provides listeners a warm dose of sedate, open-chord pop. “You Can’t Love Me” ushers in The Farmer’s distinct vocal styling, one that hearkens to the airy side of Courtney Taylor-Taylor, while also dipping into Iron & Wine’s well of glossy spook.

By “Is That All,” the record’s third cut, DeBoer also makes apparent a surprising musical strategy from that of a drummer, that being the conspicuous absence of nearly all percussion. Aside from the steady chick of a hi-hat and the occasional slight thump of a tom, DeBoer shuns his natural calling, and, while this move feels admittedly strange and unexpected upon initial listening, the crisp song-craft pleasantries of The Farmer quickly shine through in lieu of kit. Because on album-closer “I’m Alright,” when DeBoer softly moans “Let’s get wasted, stay up all night/Drink a bottle of cheap red wine,” we are intent upon agreement, leaving The Farmer a tender and successful collision of singer/songwriter musings and Dandy-esque pop sensibilities.

Check out "You Win" from The Farmer below:

On April 30th, DeBoer will celebrate his album release party at The Woods. All proceeds from the show will be going to benefit the National MS Society. Highway Rob Bonds will perform and fellow Dandy, DJ Rescue (aka Zia McCabe), will be manning the turntables. Tickets start at $15 though purchasers will be able to pay more should they be inclined to donate.

- Jacob Sprecher


NJ Artists on the rise: Like Trains and Taxis

Jersey-based Like Trains & Taxis have just released their debut album “Tales From A Revolving Door” and are in the middle of a full US tour. Preferring to play unconventional venues like art galleries and living rooms, Like Trains & Taxis focuses on quality songwriting through a sound that here at the Deli we call Alt-Soul (see our NYC Alt Soul chart here - these guys will be in it soon). Lead singer Chris Harris guides the band with his sultry vocal and piano lines, through songs that evoke both the soul of Stevie Wonder and the offbeat nuanced approach of bands like Ben Folds Five.


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