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Forest Fires at TT's 2.16


Christopher Pappas’s solo project Forest Fires is an organic incarnation of this preternaturally gifted musician. The show at TT the Bear’s on Tuesday, February 16th consisted of seven songs from Forest Fires’ debut album Hark! And Other Lost Transmissions. Backed by a full band, Pappas blended his bittersweet lyrics with master showmanship to build his venue into an atmosphere fitting for the music he plays: something familiar and accessible while also testing the audience’s willingness to open themselves to the implications itinerant in his music.

Pappas played a tight seven-song set showcasing Forest Fires’ range from the tender, lulling opener “Lost at Sea” to the show closer “The Dying Physicist”, a tongue-in-cheek anthem to quantum physics, foregone opportunities and squandered time. There’s a controlled grittiness in Forest Fires, something gleaned even in more upbeat tracks like “Sweet Tooth” and “Static Gloom.” In “Son Son (Son)”, a tender apology to an unborn child, Pappas’s voice wavers between seduction and guilt, enough so to make the audience suspend the knowledge supplied by Pappas himself, “This is about the son I never had, not one I abandoned.”

Throughout, what ties the music together is Pappas’s ability to experiment with variations on melody, theme and genre conventions. The result is ultimately catchy, alluring and accessible while maintaining an impish degree of challenge. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the song “Fooling Everybody, All of the Time,” a coy, catchy dirge about the ubiquitous need to be accepted that began with Pappas near-cooing into the microphone and ended with the proclamation, “There’s no song to sum up the way you feel.” The music captures the sense of ongoing loss and elation inherent in any innocuous moment. Forest Fires hints at complex ideas through pristine songs, music that cycles back to key concepts and chords alike. Ultimately, Forest Fires strives to expose the bittersweet revelation of everyday experience and the mark it leaves upon us.

--Meghan Guidry


Villanelles and Ghost Weapons Tonight @ Radio Bean 11pm

Burlington veterans, The Villanelles, along with promising new comers Ghost Weapons will be headlining the late shift at Radio Bean tonight at 11pm. Ghost Weapons have decided to unconditionally bring the huge classic alt rock sound (Dinosaur Jr., Husker Du) to Burlington. The single song available on their otherwise deserted myspace page speaks for itself. Tonight will be their debut and hopefully we'll be welcoming some promising new sounds to the area.

--The Deli Staff


Theodore Treehouse @ Slainte Wine Bar, Portland, ME, 2.16


Theodore Treehouse is relatively new to Portland, but thanks to a grand network of friends and a venue that will welcome almost anything that resembles a music group, Treehouse was given a vessel to kick the ass of 100 or more ears on Tuesday night. Despite the band being in an early stage, their songs were incredibly catchy and well-crafted. The core of every song was poppy, but there were some more experimental elements (repetition, jamming) that kept the band from being just another pop act. It'd be safe to say these guys (and gal) are garage pop, very much like Portland's Metal Feathers. The timbre can make or break a band, and this band's timbre has a wonderful coat: guitar on distortion, fuzzy synthesizer, forward bass, dynamic drums and a scratchy, but lovable voice. You could say Treehouse can fall in somewhere between Modest Mouse, Wolf Parade and earlier Animal Collective, but comparisons like this ultimately do the band a disservice, especially when they bring a completely new sound to the table and deserve the credit. If you're interested in following the Portland music scene, Theodore Treehouse is definitely a band to take note of. I can sense that they'll be playing a lot more shows with better-known bands real soon.

--Dylan Martin


Submit to play during SXSW! - Music Tech Mashup Party!

Deli readers who play in bands,

The Deli has reserved 3 showcase slots at Music Tech Mashup during SXSW, which will take place at Rusty Spurs in Austin, TX on 7th St. on March 17. Rusty Spurs features 3 stages with an 800 person capacity in the middle of it all and is an official SXSW venue. During SXSW it will host shows by heavy hitters like Echo and the Bunnymen, Vega (Neon Light side project) and Semi Precious Weapons (recently on tour with Lady Gaga) amongst others.

To apply to play this SXSW show all you need to do is fill in this form HERE and click on the confirmation email you'll receive (this will simply add you to our mailing list and enter your band in our fabulous charts organized by genre and region - one day we'll also create band profiles!). 3 artists will be selected by the organizers (one of them will be a local Austin, TX artist). Any band that is available to travel to Austin is eligible. Submission deadeline is Monday 02.22 at 11.59 pm.

Music Tech Mashup Showcase (hosted by Coast to Coast Models & Events and presented by The Deli, Hunnypot, GreenShoeLace) will celebrate the convergence of music and technology and the opportunities it presents for everyone involved just as SXSW itself switches gears from Interactive Week to Music Week.This is a list of some of the artists already booked: Jada - Universal Motown Records (Boston, MA) - Bamboo Shoots - Epic Records (New York) - Shinobi Ninja - (Brooklyn, NY) - McAlister Drive - (Boston, MA) - Odd Modern - (Los Angeles, CA) - Keys and Crates (Toronto, Canada) - Curtis Santiago (Toronto, Canada) - Keith Masters (Chicago, IL) - FutureCop! (UK) - Mark Foster (Los Angles, CA).

The Deli's Staff

Interview with Mikey Holland of Mikey French Fries


Mikey French Fries recently served up an enigmatic set at the Middle East Upstairs opening for Drug Rug.  The band fills the stage both literally and figuratively with an energy that the audience can’t help but find contagious.  The set was a refreshing mix of upbeat and somber tunes with elements of both pop and folk rock undertones.  Mikey Holland (Mean Creek, Movers and Shakers), frontman of the group was nice enough to sit down for a little interview. Be sure to check out his solo set at the Plough and Stars February 18.

Deli: What was your inspiration for forming Mikey French Fries?

Mikey Holland: The inspiration for starting the band is also the ideology of the band. It's all about friends and fun. I'm so fortunate so have so many wonderfully talented friends who make time in their busy schedule to back up my little honky-tonk rock 'n' roll band. But the main thing is just spontaneous fun. You go to a show of ours and you will see a lot of smiling faces on stage and some "Oh shit, when did that change?" kind of looks

--Read the full interview by Sheen Dorci HERE


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