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Brendan Hoagan CD Release for Long Night Coming at Lizard Lounge on the 29th

Cambridge Singer-songwriter, Brendan Hogan will be playing at the Lizard Lounge on the 29th to celebrate the release of his first full-length album Long Night Coming.The Lizard Lounge is a very appropriate place to have the release party for Hogan, since it is the same venue he started up in, playing open-mics and sitting in with other bands.

If you like Bob Dylan you'll love Long Night Coming The album is mostly soft and very pretty with light country and Celtic accents. Some songs like "Rock Cast in the Sea" and "Big Black Car" are larger and more swingin'. "Rock Cast into the Sea" is a fast, accordion-involved piece and really stands out on the album which shows Hogan's versatility. All the lyrics are balladic or poetic and finely composed. The title track "Long Time Coming" is a beautiful and metaphoric piece, with soft but soulful vocals. The first line of the song explains the album cover, Hogan causally posed in front of the Somerville Theater.

The thing I  like about this album is the dynamic of the lyrics and music. The lyrics are incredibly dire at times, but it doesn't mater because the music that floats around the words is hopeful. (Think Dylan's "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" or "Most of the Time")

Should be a great show and I bet you a million bucks there will be lots of special guests, local folks and lots of beer. A perfect show to see to top of the awesome month of January (honestly though, there have been some great shows this month.) Also a great album to get you through the epic awesomeness of February in New England.

--Meghan Chiampa



Lawrence Welks & Our Bear 2X "Cam Couger" CD Release 1.23

Burlington's premier basement dwelling cacophonizers are releasing their newest offering Cam Couger tomorrow night at Enter aka The Bakery. The festivities are under way at 9pm and others from Burlington's experimental offering will be slicing your head wide open all night: Chubby Wonder (Nosebleed Island), Caring Babies, and tooth ache.

--The Deli Staff



Haiti Relief Show @ Radio Bean 1.23

Maga, evilhero, and Sad Bastards will be playing at the bean tomorrow from 11pm to close to raise funds for the Hatian Earthquake relief effort. Wild sounds will be made to fuel this fundraiser. Head down the Bean to attend Burlington's part in relief via music.

Radio Bean
8 N. Winooski Ave.
Burlington, VT 05404

--The Deli Staff


Thanks to our Jurors and Staff!

Burlington, Boston, Providence, Portland and the rest of New England wouldn't be known for its stellar, incomparable music scene if it wasn't for the men and women behind the curtains. They are sound engineers, promoters, tour managers, journalists and people who work in our beloved clubs. I thank them for their hard work and their willingness to participate in Deli - New England's first yearly poll.


Adena Harford - Writer and Founder of the Deli Burlington

Alex Budney - Nectar's/Metronome 

Autumn Pincus - Tour Manager

Clay Fernald - Middle East Nightclub

Dan Cardinal - Ample-Fi Recording

Mark Kaye - Hear Now Live

Paddy Reagan - Angioplasy Media/Monkey House

Randi Millman - TT the Bear's Place

Ryan Spaulding - Ryan's Smashing Life

Susan Scotti - Club Passim

I am amazed, flattered and proud to see how well the site has been doing and the fanatic support from the New England music scene and the great writers I have on staff. And most importantly I thank the musicians for their music.

--Meghan Chiampa and The Deli Staff


The 1st Deli New England Poll comes to an end - thanks to you all!

We would like to thank all the jurors and writers who helped us with their vote put together this list of emerging New England artists. Thanks to the readers for participating and most importantly thanks to the bands for getting the word out about The Deli's poll. 


Indie-rockers Mean Creek (in the picture), one of Boston's most talked about bands, won the 2009 Best Emerging Artist - congrats to them! They were a definite favorite amongst our jurors. Mellow rootsy-folk, Michael Bernier and the Uprising placed second, thanks to a strong support from their fan base in the readers' poll, while Boston soul sensation Jesse Dee came in third, gathering votes from Jurors, Writers and Deli Readers. More about the winners coming soon to the Deli, so stay tuned!

--The Deli Staff


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