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The Deli's Year End Best of NYC Fans' Poll Final Top 20 Chart!

 Midnight Spin  
 Cavalier Rose  
 The Shake  
 The Courtesy Tier  
 The London Souls  
 Hawke and Dove  
 The Paper Raincoat  
 Freelance Whales  
 April Smith  
 The Woes  
 Penguin Prison  
 Gordon Voidwell  
 Julie Peel  
 Jones Street Station  
 Bear In Heaven  
 El Jezel  
This is the final Top 20 chart of the Deli's Year End Best of NYC Fans' Poll for emerging artists - breakdown of the votes here.

On Wednesday we'll publish the chart of the Best of NYC 2009 Poll, which will assign the cover of the spring printed issue of The Deli Magazine.

As we have 67 artists on this list, we are taking a few days to double check all the votes, which were assigned through a rather complicated system involving a jury of scene makers, The Deli's writers, our readers, the bands' fans, and also through an initial open contest - full rules can be found here.

Stay tuned!

The Deli's Staff

Best of NYC 2009 - List of Jurors and Writers

We would like to say a big "Thank You" to all the jurors who helped us, with their vote, compile the list of The Deli's Year End Best of NYC Emerging Artists.

List of Jurors (in random order): John Donohue (The New Yorker) - Daniel Givens (Other Music) - Claire McNamara (Oh My Rockness) - Frank Garcia (Union Pool) - DJ MOJO - Andy Bodor (Cake Shop) - Doug DeFalco (Southpaw) - Pianos Talent Buyers - Darrell McNeill (BAM) - Jack McFadden (The Bell House/Union Hall) - Max Brennan (Lit Lounge) - Tammy Sprinkle (Soundfix) - Karen Soskin (East Village Radio) - Jessica Dessner (Sycamore) - Matt Tyson (Earfarm.com) - Nora Walker (I Rock I Roll Blog) - Christopher R. Weingarten (1,000 times yes) - Marc Hutner (Ascap) - Brandon Haas (BMI) - Jamie Dominguez (SESAC) - Trevor Silmser (The Studio at Webster Hall).

The following Deli writers cast their vote as well: Andrew Spaulding, Erin O'Keefe, Nancy Chow, Paul Dunn, Ryan Henriquez, Liz Schroeter, Simon Heggie, Nicholas Palumbo, Joe Coscarelli, Lauren Piper, Charles Davis, Lindsey Goetz, Chloe Schildhouse.

Thank you to all the bands who participated to our poll either by submitting to the open contest or be simply being selected, and thanks to all the fans and Deli readers that animated our fans' poll.

NYC Deli Editor in Chief Paolo De Gregorio also voted as part of the jury (we don't really need to thank him, as he's writing this!). Many other scene makers and Deli writers were asked to vote and - for a reason or another - they didn't; we point this out because we want you all to realise that also this element (the missing votes) had a crucial influence on the results.

The Deli's Staff

January 2010
"Inter Arbiter

Sebastian Krueger's Inlets will please the hoards of music fans who have grown to love the floral and somewhat progressive folk championed by Grizzly Bear and Beach House. Less grandiose than the first and sunnier than the latter, Inlets' songs are instantly gratifying and more soothing. Their tamed vocals resonate in a very intimate way, like it often happens with one man/woman band projects, and the melodies are not as convoluted as you may expect. Krueger finds trendy help in the backing vocals department, where Dirty Projectors' Angel Deradoorian leads a team of beautiful voiced ladies whose subtle vocal counterpoint contributes in the texture and melodic departments. Acoustic guitars, clarinets, pianos, strings, percussion, the unmissable ukulele but also synths and other keyboard sounds contribute to the band's tastefully layered orchestrations. The album Inter Arbiter is due out in April - we predict that this record will be one of the soundtracks of hipster love this summer. - PDG


Best of NYC 2009 - Deli Writers Chart: Real Estate + Cymbals Eat Guitars

 Cymbals Eat Guitars
 Real Estate
 The Antlers
 Beach Fossils
 Dirty Projectors
 Freelance Whales
 Motel Motel
 Sharon Van Etten
 The Vandelles
This year we gathered so much data for our Year End Best of NYC Poll that we can even give you a chart of our Deli writers vote - here it is.

The top two bands received 3 votes from our writers, while the groups of bands in 3rd place received 2 writers' votes each.

The Deli's Staff


NYC artists on the rise: Sad Red's CD release party on 01.22 at Union Hall

They might be called Sad Red but they definitely have a thing for blue - and math. This Brooklyn based quintet plays some kind of "avant-math-emo" rock, whose blue, melancholic atmoshperes match the dominant color of their debut album's cover. The drums, guitars and keyboards rhythmic interplay recalls at times King Krimsons' madly intricate interwoven patterns, while the overall atmosphere of their sound is alternatively not too distant from Radiohead's moody exhistentialism and Soundgarden's indie blues (there's that color again). Other more relaxed tunes showcase an impeccable gusto for consuming songs that build in intensity and are not afraid to indulge in controlled guitar solos - like peeps used to do in the good old days, remember? Sad Red will celebrate the release of their CD "elder" with a show at Union Hall on 01.22, definitely worth checking out.


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