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Sunshine Recorder Rains Down on JB’s Jan. 28

If there ever was such a thing as ambient garage rock, Sunshine Recorder, the latest moniker for Christopher Coello’s sort-of-solo project, probably fits the bill. Coello is also part of The Cobbs, and while there are some similarities in tone, the name Sunshine Recorder should hint at the difference here: a sound that’s a bit brighter, more spacious, but losing none of its edge, like a drug-fueled walk through the desert at high noon. There may occasionally be some subtle electronic flourish, but Sunshine Recorder prove themselves to be a guitar band through and through, with the hard, propulsive drums serving mostly as an anchor to the hazy delay of the guitars. “Love in a Coma” has a hypnotic riff and a great vocal hook, while “Die Pretty” takes a darker turn, sounding borderline industrial with its cyclical drum pattern and fuzzed-out atmospherics. Catch Coello and co. over at Johnny Brenda’s where they're sharing the bill with The Entrance Band and Lights. Johnny Brenda’s, 1201 N. Frankford Ave, 9 p.m., $10, 21+ myspace.com/sunshinerecorder666 (Photo by Ed Roper) - Joe Poteracki


Enter the Madness That Is Whales & Cops at KFN Jan. 28


Sometimes the band’s words just seem to describe them best.
WhAlEs aNd cOpS=New lifestyle music and hermetic philosophy from erstwhile MAN MAN components Tiberius Lyn and G. Clinton Killingsworth...”

”brick bats, kendo classes, the falls, cargo cults, the vaporization of elugelab, alone in the wilderness, hai karate egg monsters, candy-colored clown!, man-eating trees, prison burpees, freeman dyson, suave homeless assholes, riddling fucks, yukon cornelius, the leather apron club, batshit billy with a boing-boing, cold statues of bitches, pajama’d cong, bobby fever, fist fights on the moon, wind-up sushi, bog man, food from a wooden spoon, weird ear, swiss rib side panels, caesar mohawks...crouton earrings, you’re going to jail...BuBbLeTaPe LoUnGe”
I know. You’re intrigued, and so am I. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 7:30pm, $7, 21+ myspace.com/wearewhalesandcops - H.M. Kauffman



A quick look outside your local scene: The other Deli Best of 2009 Polls

Rockers, Folkers and Poppers of all ages, sexes and hair colors,

The Deli's regional Year End Best of Polls for emerging artists are finally over and it's time to have a quick look at what's going on outside your local scene. Here's a recap of the winners of our nine polls with links to overall charts and readers' polls results:

AUSTIN - Winner: Stereo Is a Lie
Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

CHICAGO - Winner: I Fight Dragons

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart

LOS ANGELES - Winner: Local Natives

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart

NASHVILLE - Winner: Those Darlins

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart

NEW ENGLAND- Winner: Mean Creek

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

NYC - Winner: Talk Normal

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

PORTLAND - Winner: Explode into Colors

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

PHILLY - Winner: Reading Rainbow

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

SF BAY AREA - Winner: Girls

Overall Chart
- Readers Chart - list of jurors

The Deli's Staff

Reading Rainbow Definitely More Than Just a TV Show!


Yay - we have many words from our highly literate Best of Philly Winners Reading Rainbow! It was no contest this year by the time our jury cast their votes. The bedazzling duo Rob Garcia and Sarah Everton made winning look easy like the friendship that they’ve developed. You’ve read plenty about Reading Rainbow from us, and recently XPN’s Bruce Warren so let’s see what the champs have to say.
The Deli: When did Reading Rainbow form as a band?
Reading Rainbow: March 2008
TD: What is the origin of your band name?
RR: It’s obviously taken from the T.V. show, but we thought it would be funny/interesting to take it out of context. So it’s not only nostalgic for 80’s childhood, it has a redefined meaning that sounds pretty mystical. But we’d understand if people think it’s dumb, band names aren’t that big of a deal in the end anyway!
TD: What are your biggest musical influences and what bands (local/national/international) are you currently listening to?
RR: We’re directly influenced by early punk and 60’s psychedelic. We are obviously really into VU and just straight forward pop with lots of vocal harmonies. Currently we have been going through a huge Beatles kick. Aside from that, we’re currently listening to the 100 Flowers album, Loaded (VU), and Bo Diddley. Current band-wise we are huge into Grass Widow (San Francisco), King Khan and BBQ, and Eternal Summers.

TD: What’s the first concert you ever attended and/or first album you ever bought?
RR: Rob - 1st concert: B.B. King with my parents when I was 12. 1st album: Led Zeppelin - Houses of The Holy (?)

Sarah - 1st concert: one of those shitty alternative radio station “birthday bashes” (104.7 THE BUZZ!) I think Our Lady Peace and Semisonic played. I was 12. 1st album: Nirvana - In Utero

TD: What’s your take on the Philly music scene?
RR: There’s tons of bands and it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on! We are recluses, and when we aren’t playing shows, we are recording/practicing/chilling with our cats watching music documentaries or Strangers with Candy.
TD: What are your plans for your March tour and trip to SXSW?
RR: We are carpooling there with our good friends Eternal Summers from Virginia. We are hauling ass to get to Texas by the 16th, so we are only playing 2 shows on the way down. Our plan is to just play as many shows as possible when we are there and haul ass back to get to school and work by the 23rd.
TD: What are your other performances and recording plans for 2010?
RR: We want to keep playing Philly and NYC pretty regularly (and B-more more this year), and we are hoping to do a tiny tour with Woven Bones from Austin in May. We are going to VA to record 10 songs in February. We want to record and tour as much as possible with what Rob’s work schedule allows, and be as prolific as possible for the rest of the year!

TD: What was your most memorable Reading Rainbow show?
RR: One really memorable show here in Philly was the first time we played The Ox in November with Beach Fossils, Eternal Summers, and The Spooks. There weren’t that many people there but we had a drunken, self-indulgent, love-fest between the bands. SUPER FRIENDS.
TD: What’s your favorite order at the Deli?
RR: Every time we play in Brooklyn we go the Brooklyn Deli on 2nd and Bedford before we drive home at 3am. We usually get roast turkey with Swiss on wheat, and they give you a free banana with each sandwich. And they sell Kombucha. It rules pretty intensely.
- The Deli Staff

Thanks for All Your Support!

We loved doing this year's poll, but we are tired and very happy to slip into something more comfortable. Now, we can go back to writing and checking out more new music to share with you. (We’re really not that good at math.) But we definitely had an amazing time putting this together. Once again, we learned so much more about our beloved local music scene through this poll. We hope that you did too, or at least, discovered a new artist that you might want to check out live or buy their album. We still have a few related interviews and top performer writeups for you to check out so stay tuned. Special thanks to our drop-dead gorgeous jury, talented local artists and all who voted! You ROCK!
The Deli’s Best of Philly Poll Jurors:
Grace Ambrose, Booker, Pilam
Abigail Bruley, Music Editor, two.one.five Magazine
Mikele Edwards, Booker, Silk City
Brandy Hartley, Booker, Johnny Brenda’s
Melanie Hoch, Vinyl Expert and Dancin’ Queen, Repo Records
Steven James, Booker, Kung Fu Necktie/R5 Productions
Jessica McGinley, Editor-at-Large, PopWreckoning
Ben Morgan, Booker, Millcreek Tavern
Gina Renzi, Executive Director, The Rotunda
Mark Schoneveld, Blogger, Yvynyl
Jon Solomon, DJ and Record Label Owner, WPRB/My Pal God Records
Tom Szwech, Blogger, Bag of Songs
Q.D. Tran, Associate Editor, The Deli Magazine
Bruce Warren, Program Director and Blogger, WXPN/Some Velvet Blog
Emma Zumberge, Blogger, The World in a Paper Cup
- The Deli Staff

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