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The Bedrooms

The Bedroom’s dystopian daydreams give you all the doom with none of the gloom. Though the band’s mood is certainly on the darker side, it’s never too heavy or depressing. With a mix of goth aesthetics, new wave heart, and post-punk sound, The Bedrooms have a unique and enjoyable sound. Their latest album “Dystopia Today” shows incredible range and depth. Some songs such as “Raconteur” give you serious "Friday Im in Love" vibes. With other songs like “I’m not Alive” the band could be in a dark, damp basement surrounded moshing bodies. The album provides a great balance between rough and soft. The Bedrooms may be singing about the world ending, but they’re just getting started.

Photo by Bloodbath Photography 


Take a Trip With Mal London

If there could only be one word to describe Mal London’s music it would be beautiful. Listening to the artist and producer’s crystalline beats is the musical equivalent of watching glass break slowly in reverse. His interstellar trip hop takes the listeners out of their mind and into Mal’s. On “if you don’t wanna rap don’t click” the beats are deftly interwoven with the song’s vocalizations. It creates a graceful soundscape. Mal is also equally talented as a rapper. His voice slips through songs smoothly and languidly, creating the rhythm at his own pace. Rather than letting the beats lead his rap or vice-versa, he takes charge of both at the same time. His latest music video for his song "new leaf." can be watched below. 

Photo by @noahrichardphotography 


Tender Age's "Don't Mind" Video

Tender Age has a new music video out for their song “Don’t Mind.” The song, which is off their newly released album Becoming Real Forever, is buzzy, frothy shoegaze. Much like the song, the video is cleverly simple and lots of fun. It features the members nonchalantly spending a lazy afternoon by the dumpster, making music and just generally having a good time. The video looks and feels like a modern day Dazed and Confused. Towards the end of the video, the band begins engaging in passive destruction of the props around them as any good drone rock band would. It’s a great reflection of the band’s attitude and style. 


Dirty Princess's Witchy Punk

Dirty Princess sounds like what would happen if the Sanderson Sisters decided to drop their wands for electric guitars instead. The band’s mix of witchy punk and fuzz rock bleeds through speakers and headphones. Although they only have three tracks on their bandcamp, each song holds its own."Street Diamonds” in particular stands out. The lead vocalist confidently bursts through the song, alternating between a subtle huskier tone and a more high pitched, confident twang. “The Man Vs. My Chevy Van” is also great. The beat is fast and steady, and the members are in great sync. Give it a listen below!


Plastic Cactus has a New Album Out

Plastic Cactus just released their second album, Moth Eyes. Plastic Cactus has always strived for a beach goth aesthetic, and they really hit the mark with this album. It is the ideal fusion of a Spaghetti Western attitude and the style of a vintage Halloween party. Listening to “Tumbleweeds” you can practically feel the hot sun on your shoulders. Moth Eyes is also a testament to the band’s skill. They weave gloomier and darker elements into their songs without dampening the album’s overall mood. On “Offbeat” the tempo rises and falls throughout the song, blending a slow crooning with faster surf beats. The softer harmonies and gentle guitar chords blend together seamlessly. It adds a pleasant lightness to band’s moody surf. It's definitely a song you should add to your summer playlist. 

Plastic Cactus' next show will be July 20th at Turn Turn Turn along with Melt, Baywitch, and Swamp Meat.


  By Avril Carrillo


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