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Terrorista Purple Tape

Already a collectors item, Terrorista is back with their second release “ROR” Purple Tape in a four cassette single series. This wicked post-post-post punk band rocks us purple with Darren vs Bag and Double Negative. The entire listen is like riding a roller coaster! From the beginning of Darren vs. Bag you are rushed over with the tidal wave of excitement, as if flying down the first drop of a roaring wooden roller coaster, gently coasting into Double Negative, having you screaming the rest of the way. Cant wait for their upcoming release of Blue Tape & Green Tape in the upcoming months.



The Walkervilles @ the Horseshoe

The Walkervilles...GROOVE! They are smooth, sexy and make your body sway with cool upbeat pop rhythm and blues !  Finishing up their cross Canada tour, catch them @ the Horseshoe this Saturday. What an amazing creative collective of fantastic style from bowties to sleek fine videos. After listening to a bunch of tracks  "No California" really stands out, with an alluring vocal and unforgettable chorus as the the bass and drums pop and slide. Listen below to get your groove on!

December 2014
Spencer Burton
"Don't Let The World See Your Love

Spencer Burton expresses the spirit of life through his album, Don't Let the World See Your Love. He sings stories of life’s journeys and what you find in yourself as you move place to place; love and friendship, isolation of the heart and the belonging of the soul.  Rooted in punk rock anthems of Attack in Black, he then followed the sounds of country twang for Grey Kingdom, giving him a edge and bringing a raw gypsy element to his folk song tales.  His latest single “Diamond” is addictive! Beautiful vocals, dancing pedal steel and a rich ole guitar, it’s a beautiful story of torn love. "Death of Gold" is thick with multi-harmonies and has an impactful emotional chorus that makes your hair stand up. Don't miss Spencer Burton this holiday season! He is the star on top of the tree.


Mountain of Wolves

Uniquely harmonious and darkly charming , Mountain of Wolves defines a genre of Dark Folk. Telling emotional tales with dapper vocals and diverse blends of nostalgic elements, from reel accordions to glory trumpets, Mountain of Wolves has us listening! Every track is a different story told, ‘Hurt Myself’ is the one to enjoy, it’s more like dark-folk-pop track with killer hooks and a badass passionate vocal. Stayed tuned in...Mountain of Wolves is a collective to watch!



Everything LOWELL! Lowell is a homegrown dynamic pop poet! She incorporates electric arrays of jungle beats, enchanting melodies and trend-setting lyrics that create her unforgettable vibrant persona. Completely hands-on in every aspect of her musical brand, standing out strong, Lowell’s videos are unique pieces of art that conceptualize her over all girl-pop power. Here's her latest single 'I Love You Money', it's a cheer pop rant anthem with firecracker beats and wolf howls! Don't miss Lowell Dec 5 @ the Garrison, She is a super talent not to be missed! 


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